Sebastian Forster

University of Salzburg
Department of Computer Sciences
Efficient Algorithms Group

Room 2.21
Jakob-Haringer-Str. 2
5020 Salzburg, Austria

Email: forster strudel
Skype: krinningers
Phone: +43 662 8044-6421
Office hours: by appointment (email)
Pronouns: he, his, him
Birth name: Sebastian Krinninger

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I perform basic research on the design and analysis of prior-free algorithms with a strong focus on theoretical and mathematical aspects. Motivated by the end of Moore's Law and the prevalence of "big" and "fast" data, I mainly work an distributed and dynamic algorithms. Most of my algorithms are for the domain of graphs, which are an abstract model for all kinds of networks. Occasionally, I complement my algorithmic work with hardness results in the realm of fine-grained complexity theory.

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Supervision of Theses

Please contact me for a list of available topics for bachelor or master theses. In general, I supervise topics in the following areas: theory, experimental evaluation, and visualization of algorithms.

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Currently, I do not offer paid internships. However, I am happy to host interns that have their own funding source.

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