Reading Group Algorithms

Instructor Sebastian Forster
Type: 2 SE
Curriculum: Master Informatik
Time and Place: Wednesday, 12:00-13:30, Lise Meitner Hörsaal and Online (Nov 24 – Dec 15)


Date Speaker Title Material
06.10. Preliminary Meeting
12.10. Joran van Apeldoorn What is this Quantum thing people keep talking about? slides
13.10. Joran van Apeldoorn Quantum graph algorithms slides
20.10. Organizational Meeting
27.10. No class
03.11. Discussion of Presentation Techniques slides
10.11. Maximilian Probst Gutenberg Near-Optimal Decremental SSSP in Dense Weighted Digraphs arXiv DOI
16.11. Yasamin Nazari Distributed and Parallel Graph Distance Approximation slides
17.11. Yasamin Nazari Parallel Spanners and Distance Approximation DOI arXiv
24.11. Kathrin Hanauer Fully Dynamic Reachability – in Practice! slides DOI arXiv
01.12. Tijn de Vos Faster Cut Sparsification of Weighted Graphs slides arXiv
08.12. Public Holiday
15.12. Mara Grilnberger Simple Label-Correcting Algorithms for Partially Dynamic Approximate Shortest Paths in Directed Graphs slides DOI
22.12. No class
12.01. Daniel Schmitt Maintaining Triangle Queries under Updates slides DOI arXiv
19.01. Antonis Skarlatos Simple dynamic algorithms for Maximal Independent Set, Maximum Flow and Maximum Matching slides DOI arXiv
26.01. Martin Grösbacher Dynamic Matching Algorithms in Practice slides DOI arXiv

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